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  • Are monthly payments necessary?
  • How do loans and leases differ?
  • What factors determine the purchase price at the end of a lease?
  • How are loan rates determined?
  • What are the restrictions of driving a "borrowed" vehicle?
  • Why lease?
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  • Are used vehicles still covered under factory warranty?
  • Will a warranty pay for all expenses?
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  • How do I locate a specific part?
  • What add-on accessories are available for my vehicle?
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  • Why trade-in?
  • Why decide against trading-in?
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  • How is one protected from uninsured drivers?
  • What is liability insurance?
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Our Top Tips
  • Loan payments contribute to the eventual ownership of a vehicle, while lease payments apply only to the short-term use of a car. Read more in our finance FAQs.
  • Factory OEM parts, new aftermarket parts and used parts allow several options for replacing a broken component. Read more in our parts FAQs.
  • Warranties won't cover all of the costs, as the owner often pays for scheduled service charges. Read more in our service FAQs.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage protects drivers from negligent drivers without insurance. Many states require it by law. Read more in our insurance FAQs. insurance FAQs
  • Trading in your current vehicle towards another can partially offset the cost of the new vehicle. Read more in our trade-in FAQs.