Can A Failing O2 Sensor Cause Problems?

can a failing o2 sensor cause problems?

Grubbs Nissan can help you learn if a failing O2 sensor can cause problems.

Looking at all the different sensors your car utilizes daily, perhaps one of the more vital sensors is the O2 sensor, which is required for a car to drive at its very best. Because of all of the exhaust gasses a car produces, it's important to have to be aware of the oxygen levels produced in the exhaust gasses. The oxygen sensor has an important role in tracking a car's O2 amount to ensure the engine is correctly burning its gasoline. A good-working O2 sensor will be an essential component of a consistent running vehicle. Still, a poor O2 sensor will most likely cause bad smells from your vehicle, bad fuel efficiency, and a poorly performing powertrain. Here we'll discuss things to watch out for when driving your vehicle that could be easy-to-see symptoms of a poorly-working oxygen sensor.

What Causes An Oxygen Sensor To Go Bad?

My Car's O2 Sensor Died, What Happened?

Like many other parts of a car, O2 sensors can break down after lots of usage and begin to go bad. But if you aren't paying close attention, a bad oxygen sensor could begin to bring major problems all over your vehicle. A build-up of contaminated oil ash or coolant could cause an O2 sensor to fail, so your choice in oil or gas is superbly essential. If you're seeing any problems like the ones seen above, you should come to our trained mechanics, who could get you an OEM O2 sensor replacement.

The Problems A Bad O2 Sensor Could Cause

A Failed O2 Sensor Can Cause Issues, What Are They?

If you're ever driving on the highway and smell anything rotten from your car, that could be a quick sign that your O2 sensor is going bad. If you ever start to keep track of any differences like poor engine performance, engine misfires, or loud noises, that could be a clear symptom of your oxygen sensor potentially having issues. One of the worst things that can be a result of a bad O2 sensor is a catalytic converter failing without warning, which might put a big hole in your wallet.

If The Oxygen Sensor Fails, Is It Okay To Drive My Vehicle?

Can I Drive My Vehicle With A Failed O2 Sensor?

We recommend against driving with a bad O2 sensor as the powertrain isn't running on the right fuel mixture. Though it may seem okay in the beginning, if your powertrain is over-using its fuel and running rich it could end up clogging the catalytic converter. Looking at the cost to replace oxygen sensors is less than purchasing a new catalytic converter, it's better to make the investment earlier. Also, if your car is more than 15 years old or has more than 60,000 miles on the dash you should consider replacing your oxygen sensors for optimal engine performance and lower pollution.

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