The 2018 Nissan Rogue: The Just-Right SUV You've Been Looking For

When it comes to compact SUVs, automakers honestly have their work cut out for them. Stuck balancing the desire that drivers have for a smaller SUV with their desire for genuine SUV ability, many makes and models fumble the ball. The new Nissan 2018 Rogue, on the other hand? It's "perfect."

680 × 320

That's at least how Kelly Blue Book described it. Discussing the Rogue's size, the consumer resource site wrote that Nissan's compact SUV is "perfect," offering just enough room inside to be comfortable while also feeling fun and "substantial" on the road.

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Grubbs Wellness Initiative

We're happy and proud to report that our second 'Lunch and Learn' meeting of the year was a smashing success!  56 outstanding team members and participants registered as Accountability Partners as a part of our Eat Well, Live Better… Grubbs Wellness Initiative.  After learning together about the importance of Goal Setting in our first 'Lunch and Learn', now Accountability Partners have the chance to work together and support each other to maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Don't miss our next session on Wednesday, May 24th, where we will discuss hypertension and how to control high blood pressure.  Join us…
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Grubbs Wellness Awareness Program

Featuring Jeanne Grubbs and Hardy Cloutier; vibrant octogenarians who speak about how to live a healthy lifestyle through building positive dietary, sleep and lifestyle habits in order to maximize your life expectancy and experience increased vitality.

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