Finding Used Cars Near Bedford, TX


At Grubbs Nissan we understand that finding a used car might be difficult because there are so many different decisions that you will need to make. One of the biggest decisions is between buying from a dealership or buying from a private seller. While a private seller might seem enticing at first, there are many more advantages that can come from choosing a used vehicle from a dealership.

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Is Buying a Used Car Worth It?

When you decide to buy a pre-owned vehicle, not only do you have the ability to get a stunning car at an affordable price that can help you stick to your budget, but there are a variety of other perks as well. Are you thinking about shopping for used cars for sale in Bedford, TX? We recommend that you take a peek at these benefits that can assist in making your decision clearer.

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Tackle Your Bedford, TX, Adventures with Ease in a 2018 Nissan Titan

Have you started shopping for new trucks for sale in Bedford, TX? Whether you want to get up and go on an outdoor excursion around the region or you are looking for a new truck that can conquer the job sites you visit without a hassle, the 2018 Nissan Titan has got the power and capability you need. This model not only is a stylish full-size pickup truck but with its V8 engine, it boasts a notable performance and towing skills. See firsthand why this truck is superior over others on the market.

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Get a Test Drive in a Staple of the Nissan Lineup: The 2018 Nissan Sentra

When you are looking for a vehicle that is known for reliability, choosing a new 2018 Nissan Sentra will provide just that. With a variety of features and capabilities, we are sure that there is a model to meet the needs of any customer, all you need to do is visit Grubbs Nissan to find yours. We are conveniently located in Bedford, TX, offering everything our customers could need.

A Drive Mode for Any Occasion

No matter the engine that you choose, you can prioritize its performance by switching the driving mode.

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The 2018 Nissan Rogue: The Just-Right SUV You've Been Looking For

When it comes to compact SUVs, automakers honestly have their work cut out for them. Stuck balancing the desire that drivers have for a smaller SUV with their desire for genuine SUV ability, many makes and models fumble the ball. The new Nissan 2018 Rogue, on the other hand? It's "perfect."

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That's at least how Kelly Blue Book described it. Discussing the Rogue's size, the consumer resource site wrote that Nissan's compact SUV is "perfect," offering just enough room inside to be comfortable while also feeling fun and "substantial" on the road.

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Grubbs Wellness Initiative

We're happy and proud to report that our second 'Lunch and Learn' meeting of the year was a smashing success!  56 outstanding team members and participants registered as Accountability Partners as a part of our Eat Well, Live Better… Grubbs Wellness Initiative.  After learning together about the importance of Goal Setting in our first 'Lunch and Learn', now Accountability Partners have the chance to work together and support each other to maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Don't miss our next session on Wednesday, May 24th, where we will discuss hypertension and how to control high blood pressure.  Join us…
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Grubbs Wellness Awareness Program

Featuring Jeanne Grubbs and Hardy Cloutier; vibrant octogenarians who speak about how to live a healthy lifestyle through building positive dietary, sleep and lifestyle habits in order to maximize your life expectancy and experience increased vitality.

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